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Additional content such as the test corpus, full result dataset and interactive versions of the visualizations will be added soon.


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Timeline of how data arrives (left to right) for various HTTP/3 prioritization schemes. ATF resources are the critical, Above The Fold resources, most important for good user experience.

Timeline of how data arrives (left to right) for various QUIC implementations. Black bars beneath the colors indicate those ranges were retransmitted after packet loss.

Timeline of the impact of Head-Of-Line blocking for Round-Robin (RR) and First-Come-First-Served schemes.

QUIC's resilience to HOL blocking (compared to TCP) for different QUIC implementations (all do RR except the 3 on the right, they do FCFS or FCFS-alike).

Relative speedups and slowdowns compared to the Round-Robin baseline for the various schemes.